Archive | April 2014

Not much to add

Well again, not a lot to say.

Sonny and I are doing well.  Things have been so steady lately that I just do not have anything to say.  I love him so much I cannot imagine loving him more.

The weather has gone warm here, so I have been doing a lot of yard work for mom.  I am currently sunburned on my shoulders.  Thought my legs were burned too, but during the night, they turned brown.  I’m still so pale you need sunglasses to look at me, but I’m better.

Been doing a lot of sock knitting lately.  Trying to get my older stash yarn used up so that I don’t feel as guilty when new yarn shows up.

If you want to see what is going on with me on a more regular basis, I can be found on instagram as TheKnottyKnitter.