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May is here!

Wow!  It is the second of May and a FRIDAY!!!  Yay!!!  I get to spend the weekend with my Sonny and hopefully the weather will cool down.

I didn’t wake up in a good mood, but Something happened after I saw someone at the post office.  I realized that I am happy.  I am happy because I get to see, hold, kiss and be with the love of my life, Sonny.  How could I possibly let anything get to me or ruin my day when I have that???

I stopped by Sonny’s work just to say ‘Hi’ and get some love.  Talk about feel amazing!  He even mentioned that I was in a good mood.

Anyway, not a lot else to say.  Just been knitting, sewing, and crafting.  Oh, and working in Mom’s yard.  Talk about scary weeds this year and random outcropping of poison oak.  She’s never had poison oak here before and this year it is all over.

Well, back to knitting.